10 things only year one student can relate to

The first year in a Nigerian university is always one hell of a ride. It’s like finally getting admitted into this prestigious club but then the club has more downs than ups. Here’s a list of some good and bad stuff year one Nigerian students will relate to:

1. All the registration stress and queues.

The one thing you can be certain about in Nigerian universities are queues. There is always a queue, and it’s worse for year one students because

2. The wait for reg number.

You spend 2 weeks on campus and you are still stuck with your JAMB reg number.

3. Matriculation day excitement.

And of course, your parents come through Nigerian style. One cooler of rice, a cake in the university colors and crates of malt for your friends and fans

4. Priding in the fact that you now have “lectures” and not “lessons”.

Levels have changed yo.

5. Dropping the name of your university with shoulders high when neighbours ask.

zikoko- Year One Nigerian Students

Status has been upgraded.

6. The struggle for accommodation.

zikoko- Year One Nigerian Students

The struggle is indeed real. And it’s worse if the university’s accommodation is too horrible.

7. Attending classes back to back because you want to make first-class.

With 5.0 CGPA goals on your mind. In spite of the fact that you and WAEC did not really end on good terms.

8. First exam period and you are humbled.

zikoko- Year One Nigerian Students

Humbled by the questions that look like HD when the lectures were only taught in 2D. Also humbled by the mean invigilators and how much space they put between desks. And finally humbled by the fact that other people are already asking for an extra sheet and you can’t even bring yourself to understand what question one wants from you.

9. Checking your first exam results.

zikoko- Year One Nigerian Students

You go with your heart in your hands because. And on your way you probably get flashbacks from all the times you were sleeping like a bear when you should have been cramming definitions.

That’s 9 things most year one Nigerian students will relate to. Which struggle was the realest for you?


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