Amazing uses of Telfairia Occidentalis

Amazing uses of Telfairia Occidentalis.

Scientific name:Telfairia Occidentalis
English name:Fluted pumpkin,fluted gourd.

Common name:Ugu

Telfairia occidentalis is a greenish leafy vegetable with fluted gourd and seeds.

Ugu is commonly found in Africa, it is a very popular vegetable in the south east part of Nigeria and also in some Western States.
Ugu has a wide variety of uses,one of it’s main use is in it’s seeds and leaves,the tender shoots and succulent leaves can be cooked as vegetables,with okra or egusi seeds.
The fluted gourd seeds when cooked can be dipped into oil or local sauce,the immature seeds are roasted.the seeds can be grinded to make soup which can be used to eat any local swallow.

The shoot,root and leaf of T.occidentalis is rich in protein, copper, calcium, magnesium,iron,zinc, potassium and phosphorus.The leaves of ugu are very rich in iodine.


Telfairia Occidentalis has some amazing medicinal uses.
1.Anti malaria properties
The fluted pumpkin roots possess antiplasmodial and schizonticidal properties thus capable of treating parasitic malaria infections.
2.Reduction of kidney stones
Fluted pumpkin contains high level of phosphorus this can be used in keeping off kidney diseases such as kidney stones.
Other medicinal uses of fluted pumpkin include stress reduction, treatment of infertility,anti diabetic activity and so on
The fluted pumpkin juice can be gotten by following the procedures below
1.wash the leaves
2.squeeze for the juice,then this juice can be taken immediately or can be refrigerated which must be taken between three days.

With all this major benefits,you might just want to add ugu to your daily diet.


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