Couple dies of COVID-19 just a day after their 21st marriage anniversary

The death of a 48-year old man and his 43-year old wife who died of the deadly COVID-19 just a day after their 21st marriage anniversary has left many South Africans heartbroken.

Reports say Barry Volkwijn and Heidi died on Saturday, just hours apart, after being admitted to Constantiaberg MediClinic with respiratory complications last week.

Their 19-year-old daughter, Amy, also tested positive for the virus and is self-isolating.

The family spokesperson Brendan Botha said the demise of their beloved couple has left the family in a state of shock and mourning.

“Barry was admitted to hospital on June 10 after a couple of days of showing symptoms. He had breathing difficulties. For our family, this was our first direct connection with the virus,” Botha said.

He explained that the day after Barry was hospitalised, Heidi started experiencing the symptoms as well. She and her daughter got tested and both were positive. Amy exhibited mild symptoms so she was able to go home and self-isolate, Heidi was hospitalised, reported Independent Online.

“On Friday, Heidi and Barry spent their 21st wedding anniversary sedated in hospital in different wards,” Botha added.

Although Amy is heartbroken by the death of her parents, she consoled herself with knowing that at least the inseparable couple is still together after their demise.

“I couldn’t see my mommy and daddy without each other. I am glad that even though they are gone, they are still together,” the bereaved young lady asserted.

Barry who died in the early hours of that fateful morning was a driver at Alexandra Psychiatric Hospital while Heidi, a motivational speaker and manager of services for youth and adults at the League of Friends for the Blind, died later that afternoon, according to News24.

The family had started displaying flu-like symptoms less than three weeks ago. Amy, who is still in isolation, said she was still coming to terms with losing both her parents.

May their souls rest in peace.

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