Education is an art of imparting knowledge and skills. It brings facts and ideas that have been learned formally or informally.


Akin is a good and honest boy who is able to have courage on what he does. One day his father name called Mr.Segun set to work at farm early in the morning he took Akin with him to work at the farm that day.


There was a man called Mr. Komolafe which normally come to Akin’s village every three months, and the name of their village is Akoka. The man is a sanitary inspector that check through all the environment in that village to know how they are keeping their environment clean or not.


One day Mr.Komolafe came to Akin’s village to inspect their environment, Akin come across him and challenge the man tell that he wanted to be like him and want to go to school also.

Next day, Mr.Komolafe visit Akin’s family he explained how their child is willing to study at school and wish to be a great person in future. Mr.Segun lamented that his child can’t go to school because does who learn and study at school when they come back home won’t be able to work on their father’s farmland again, and they will not be able to shows some respect to their parents anymore.


A week later, Akin set to see Mr.Komolafe at offa where the school is located. He trekked with his legs to meet Mr.Komolafe that day as he was walking he doesn’t see any people passing by he was daunting to go back home, but doesn’t have much strength again has he go straight down the road he saw a building with many large tower inside it. He meet a boy named Dele doesn’t know that his Mr.Komolafe son, he took Akin’s hand led him straight to the head master’s office the name of the man called Revd.Adejobi he promised Akin that he will find solution about his study and processing of his admission into the school.


The following day, Revd.Adejobi visit Akin’s village he explained how their child feelings for studying at their school, finally Akin’s father agreed that he allows Akin to study and become educated person. Akin followed Revd.Adejobi to Offa that day and Akin’s mother give him some food stuffs with him, Revd.Adejobi arrived at Offa he shows Akin where he will be living.


After the process of Akin’s education, he lives with Mr.Komolafe and came top at his class during the time of his study. Akin goes on vacation to visit his parents, and they we happy to have him back home.


One day, Akin got sick and his condition get critical his parents called herbalist to make medicines and concortion like herbs at last doesn’t work out. His parents called Mr.Komolafe to come to their aids of assists.

The next day, Mr.Komolafe arrived with health workers which they brings hospital ambulance to Akoka and he was taking to the hospital. When the test came out he was tested of measles and he has gone deaf also.


After two weeks, he recovered from his illness and was able to receive his hearing back. Akin’s father told his wife that what the native doctors can’t do “Book doctors succeed on it perfectly” by curing his son.

The following day, Akin’s father told Mr.Komolafe that the remaining process of study and learning of his so at school that he will sponsor his education till the level of graduating at tertiary institutions..

NB: Listeners observe this storyline sees what education brings out.



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