Failure is not a crime.

  • Failure is not a crime , yes I repeat what o said failure is not a crime. I remembered some years back when I was in college, as a young boy I enjoyed playing games with my friends. I didn’t concentrate much on my studies, I was asked to repeat JSS 2. My result was nothing to write home about ,but I didn’t give up I sit tight and strived hard. The next section I was promoted to the next class, that was JSS 3 I was so happy because am eager to be promoted to the senior secondary class. I passed my junior WAEC and I was promoted to SS1. I was so confused maybe I should apply for science class or other options, but I applied for science because my aim is to become a medical practitioner .When the new section started, I found it so difficult to the extent that I couldn’t cope. The section ended my result was so poor to the extent that I can show it to my friends. I was so wearied and sad, but I encouraged myself.  I repeated the class, I amended my way, I gave myself extra tutorials, I consulted textbooks and I changed my friends. Later on, things turned around for good and I made my WAEC once…. Failure is not a crime.


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