How It Works

Jaykash is the reputed website that lets you make money online. We are delivering legitimate services and keep you entertained always. We open up new avenues where you can earn money in a comfortable way. We have no strict norms for using our online platform. With a range of niche, we bring you the latest piece of information that always allures you.

How to Join JayKash ?

To join JayKash is as simple as ABC. Firstly, you have to get the coupon code from any of our vendors with the sum of ₦1,500, after that, all you need to do is navigate to the registration page and select the basic plan, Input the coupon code that you have gotten from any of our vendors, once the code is verified, then you will fill the form correctly and that’s all. Your account will be automatically activated. If you can’t get code from our vendor, you can make the payment with your debit/credit card such as Verve, Visa or Master card, to do this, leave the discount box empty and fill other information, then you click on complete registration, the system will then take you to a page where you will be asked to make payment with your card, once you complete the payment, you will be taken back your dashboard.

How Much Is Minimun Withdrawal?

The minimum amount of money you can withdraw from the activity earnings is 4,000 while those that have at least 5(direct or indirect) referrals can withdraw anytime. You will be able to withdraw activity earnings every 2 weeks while affiliate withdrawal is daily as far you are able to refer 5 new members.

How To Earn On JayKash

MLM Matrix System

All levels are 2×2 matrix

Get 2 direct referrals = N1,000
Get 2 indirect referrals = N600
Total = N1,600

Upgrade to PREMIUM with N700

Get 2 direct referrals = N1,400
Get 2 indirect referrals = N1,000
Total = N3,300

Upgrade to ENTERPRISE with N850

Get 2 direct referrals = N1,800
Get 2 indirect referrals = N1,200
Total = N5,450

Upgrade to MASTER with N1,000

Get 2 direct referrals = N2,400
Get 2 indirect referrals = N2,000
Total = N8,850

Upgrade to PRESIDENT with N10,000

BEFORE YOU CAN UPGRADE TO THE PRESIDENT LEVEL: You must have 20 direct referrals and 31 indirect referrals, meaning you have a total of 51 referrals right from the Basic level to the Master level. The total number of referrals you must have gotten will be written in your dashboard earnings panel.

Get 2 direct referrals = N40,000
Get 2 indirect referrals = N10,000
Total = N50,000 plus (depending on how you are actively referring, but you get minimum of 50k at this plan and you continue like that)

You will only be paid once in the President level, in order to continue cashing out, at least 10 0f your direct referrals must reach the Master level.


ACTIVITY EARNINGS (Optional Add-on )

JayKas has a forum system that allows you to earn money by creating topics and replying to topics on daily basis.

You earn N10 when you create a topic(maximum of 5 topics daily per person)
You earn N3 for making comments on any topic/thread(maximum of 20 comments daily per person)

Forum rules: You must not make any topic/comment that will violate the platform terms and conditions.

If your topic and comment are removed for terms violation, N12 and N5 will deducted from your activities earnings, respectively without refund.

Daily login: you earn N30 for logging into your account daily.

Sharing of post:n We make some post (Sponsored Post) once a while which will be tagged sponsored post, You earn N100 by sharing this post to your Facebook before 24hrs and copy the post link on Facebook to the comment section of the sponsored post for our editors to verify before paying you.