How to give a better speech

So you have a speech and you go upstage and freeze everything you prepared skip your mind your heart starts beating faster, you start sweating the eyes are scary. I know how hard it can be to give a speech i have been there someone told me to breathe deeply it didn’t work i had to learn through experience. Being good at public speaking has nothing to do with your level of education, size or age. So how did i get better?

1. Build self confidence – this is the first step to getting better. Confidence is what seperates and average speaker from an excellent speaker and you cannot get better without it, you have to believe what you say before you can convince them you need to sieze and capture the attention of your listeners use these steps

* Act confident – you need to act it even if you don’t have it pretend to have it

* practice and practice – practice how you talk, how you walk it will give you a certain level of confidence to speak on any topic

* Engage your audience – don’t hide behind the podium or stand like a stature move around, maintain eye contact, move your hands get comfortable and you will see the words flow

2. Know the topic thoroughly – you need to have sufficient knowledge on any topic before you give a speech i will even recommend that you know more than neccessary study your work. I see some people go upstage and practically read their presentations throughout to avoid this know and understand your point very well

3. Clear the tension – when you go up they will be alot of tension between you and your audience try to clear the tension and keep the air fresh. Crack jokes, tell stories give examples

4. Apeal for response e.g


-Clapping of hands

-Contributions( if neccessary)Q



Make sure you wear clothes that make you feel more confident and comfortable.

It all boils down to practice and consistency. If you fail once don’t give up, you won’t believe how bad my first speech was but i have gotten far better drastically and you will to if you keep trying


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