How to stick to a Budget

*Lose the credit card.*
Leave your credit card at home if you’re planning on going out. This will help you avoid putting yourself in debt if you see something you want to splurge on.

*Learn to say no.*
There are going to be things you want to do, such as visiting cinemas, buying a fancy pen or buying a new car, but there are times when it’s best to just say no.

*Keep it authentic.*
Be real with yourself. If you break your budget, write it down and readjust for that week or the month. Things happen, but don’t ignore them.

*Set up reminder.*
Have your most important bills set to auto-draft from your bank account, so you can ensure they get paid and do not get ignored for something more exciting.

*Meal plan.*
Planning meals will help you stay on budget by having set meals. This helps you avoid eating out and making last-minute expenditures on food if you aren’t prepared.

*Track your spending.*
Write down everything you spend money on, this method helps you see on paper just how much you are spending.

*Avoid unnecessary expenditures.*
Try not to splurge on items you don’t need, like a daily chewing gum. Even saving that #5 a day adds up #1,825 in savings per year.


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