I do not trust me

“Cast no vote of confidence on any man” these were the words Daddy said he heard God tell him as he woke up one afternoon, that was an easy thing for me because I don’t trust anybody or should I say that is what I tell myself lol. Now before you all start talking lets consider what we mean by trust, to me it’s total reliance on someone or something. For me I don’t know if I act it, but I do not trust anyone you know why, because even I do not trust myself.

You know this things that people say and they are like I trust myself I can never do this or do that, I stopped using that statement a long time ago. now I say by the grace of God or God helping me, why because I have let myself down atimes.Things I thought I would never do, I have done it several times. And this all boils down to the fact that THE FLESH IS WEAK, NEVER SAY NEVER.

Now when you keep letting yourself down how can you then trust another person not to, you have got to realise that they are humans(I am not saying that’s a licence to act disloyal), ITS A DANGEROUS THING TO TOTALLY RELY ON A HUMAN LIKE YOU. I’ll say this again I don’t trust myself, no I don’t, cause I am human. But I trust God and so I rely on him to help me. You don’t know anybody I tell you that, you know why because even you don’t know yourself fully. There are actions you have taken that you had said never to years ago and here you are dear friend doing those things.

God knows us fully, he knows what we are capable of doing and not doing and that is why when he gives you instructions, YOU LISTEN. So let me tell you a personal story I had a very close friend I really cherished our friendship we were so close, I mean very close because we were alike let me say I trusted her, and then God gives me a revelation of who she truly is and that I can’t trust her but I am like no, this girl is like a sister I can trust her. And then one thing led to another she broke my heart lol, I was pained but that’s what I get for disobeying my father(God)

My dad says, until God reveals who a person is to him, you both will remain on a neutral basis until God approves of them, I also am grateful I know God cause he has saved me from a lot trauma and problems encountered by trusting people. Only God I repeat only God knows the true intentions of a person and as such you should recourse to him before trusting anybody or anyone. Now I am not saying everyone is untrustworthy but remember everyone you know is human including you and that humans fail, and also remember that you can’t read the true intentions of a person by your physical eyes and so allow God veto that person before you rely on such persons.


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