My Addiction


“Not again!” I screamed with my bulging eyes. “I won’t go back to my vomit”
“I’ve had enough, just let me be” I wasn’t done with the last statement when tears had started rolling down my cheeks.

I remember I vowed never to go back to him, but he came after me, just when I had started recovering from the heartbreak. This time around, the urge was irresistible.
“Just give me some minutes, I still want you”, he said.

I was in a state of dilemma, I had to choose between my feelings and my integrity. He kept staring at me lustfully, but I couldn’t look into his eyes, as they were tempting. Thoughts kept running through my mind. I wished I could be woken up from the dream, unfortunately, it wasn’t a dream.

I wanted to give in, but I remembered the four-unit course’ test waiting for me in few hours. I was confused, but my feelings had its way. I eventually gave in. “I’m giving you just ten minutes”, I said. Joy was written all over his face, I was also overwhelmed to have him back after some months, but I hid my feelings from him.

So, we started, just as usual. It was an adventure, I really enjoyed his company. I didn’t even remember to check the time. Guess what happened next, I felt a sharp pain in my leg, mosquitoes were back. So, I regained consciousness, “What! I’m doomed.” On checking the time, I was fifteen minutes late for the test. I hurriedly dressed up, ran to the lecture room, but unfortunately, on my arrival, others were already submitting their scripts. That was how I threw away thirty pretty marks. I paid back, but with a year.

That was how I bid him goodbye.
He’s someone you know.
He’s inanimate.
He’s my favorite game.
He’s Temple Run 2.



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