The power of choice

  • Contrary to what you think, your life is not in God’s hand, your life is in your hands. Yes my dear in your hands. I know you always say “my life is in God’s hands” but it’s not, How do I know this. let me ask you this question, who makes your choices for you, You or God. What is your answer, I thought so too. God only guides us to make the right choice, at the end of the day it’s your decision to make. God doesn’t make any decision for you.

    The choices we make are the very pillars on which we build our lives and on which we will continue to build our lives. They have the absolute power to make or Mar us, and our lives will either suffer or enjoy the consequences of those choices and so therefore we can’t afford poor or bad choices for the cost is rather too high

    Choices do not come once in while, every minute and second we are faced with the opportunity to make a choice, you decide whether to stand or sit, eat or stay hungry, to keep regretting or move on, to grow or to be retarded, to love or to hate, to heal or to stay wounded etc your choice is basically your life

    I hear some people say but I have had somethings happen to me that I did not choose for myself, Yes I agree. You did not choose to come from a broken home, neither did you choose to come from a humble background, you did not choose to be sexually abused neither did you choose to be a slow learner, You did not choose to look “not so pretty” neither did you choose to be a disabled. But the question is what is your choice concerning your situation, what have you decided of your situation?.

    The situations we find ourselves in today and later in the future are asking us to make a choice off them, your situation is constantly talking to you it’s saying “Blessing will you dare to make that move or will you keep wallowing in excuses and self pity”. Will you make good use of me or I’ll continue to be the excuse for your failure,will you let me be your stepping stone to greatness or you’ll let me be your end. You have got to talk to your situation today by making a choice to Go on and do better.

    We can’t afford poor choices, many people have been hurt,broken and sad because of it. It’s important we know that the bad in today was caused by the poor choice of yesterday, and so to have a better tommorow we must make good choices today. Remember YOUR LIFE IS CHOICE YOUR CHOICE IS YOUR LIFE,CHOOSE WISELY


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