The use of headphones

Headphones are audio accessories that can be connected to our phones, music players, radios or any device that has an output source for audio. The term “headphone” here covers for earpieces, airpods, headpieces, bluetooth audio pieces. These devices enhance our audio experience when we use them to listen to music and even give convenience in picking calls.

The use of headphones is widespread but what should you know about their use?

For safety reasons, you should not use these accessories at public areas, especially busy ones, they could cause a distraction and put you in harm’s way. Wearing them while driving or crossing roads is not advised.

Headphones should also not be connected to devices while they are charging, this poses an electrical hazard that is quite risky. If you must listen to that music, unplug the device from it’s charge source or use bluetooth wireless audio pieces which you can use while the device is charging.

Playing music at high volumes for long periods can cause temporary hearing loss, this is written of the package of most headphone accessory and is not there for fun. Reduce the volume of your headphones especially when you are in a quiet place. The recommended volume is 40% of the highest volume your headphone can reach.


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