Why to have a cold water bath rather than a hot one

If a hot shower is what your body craves every morning then you are not alone. But did you know that cold water should have a place in your daily routine lets see why

1. cold shower helps you wake up in the morning

Cold water on the skin triggers the nervous system resulting in mental alertness and an increase in heart rate

2. Cold water increase blood circulation when water hits the body it reduces the circulation of blood on the surface of your body. This causes the blood to flow into deeper tissues to circulate at a faster rate to maintain ideal body temperature.

3. Cold water help your hair and skin

Cold water unlike hot water doesn’t dry out the sebum layer a natural lubricating barrier that provides protection.

4. Cold water can calm an itchy skin

cold water can help overcome the sensation of an itch

5. Cold water helps burn fat

Some fat such as brown fat generate heat when the body is exposed to cold condition to help raise your body temperature in the process your body burns fat

So which is better

-Hot water also has benefits like

-Opening airways clearing out nasal passages

-Helps relax muscles etc

These are not all the benefits of a cold bath but i just wanted to show you it is important, so if you hate cold water bath you might want to reconsider and check if the benefits are what are what you are looking for.


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